ADI DSP Collaborative member ADI connection is a member of the Analog Devices DSP Collaborative™. Our main product is ASM Scope, a program understanding tool for assembly language. ASM Scope is available for ADSP-218x and 219x targets, and will soon be available for Blackfin® targets.

Debugging and reverse engineering assembly code

ASM Scope logo Are you spending too much time debugging or reverse engineering assembly code? Do you wish you could focus on the interesting aspects, instead of staring at spaghetti listings? Is routine killing your creativity? A program understanding tool reads assembly programs very carefully so that you don't have to. It helps you visualize the structure of the program, grasp the meaning behind cryptic statements and navigate from subroutine to subroutine. It can tell you what registers a subroutine clobbers and where it expects its arguments. If this sounds like the tool you need, take a look at ASM Scope.